Nigeria: Di Hijabis wey dey move Africa tech revolution

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"Dem say two years na my expiry period."

"One person tell me say my expiry date na two years for dis tech matter wey I dey follow, and dat one vex me…I still dey here."

Na wetin Hamdalah Adetunji talk say man tell am as she dey push her computer hustle. But dat one no stop am.

She and three other women be part of di young Hijabis wey dey run things for tech matter for Africa.

As part of di company, Andela, one international company wey dey train software developers to international standard, di women feel say chance dey for women to enter di technology industry well-well.

Image example Software developer Rukayat Sadiq di way people treat depend on di way you take show your sef

And di truth be say, Nigeria no dey carry last.

But even as Andela dey talk say 'Brilliance dey evenly distributed,' science and tech matter for most of Africa na man's world.

'Talent no get gender'

'For inside Andela, we believe say talent no get gender… women inside tech na like seven percent for di world (men plenty, women no plenty); for here we get like 26% for all of di company."

Na Mohini Ufeli, di communications person for Andela talk am.

Women developers for Andela don come together to inspire dia fellow women through programs like 'Ladies in Tech.'

Women be half of di world population but even as dat one dey, many of dem no dey smell senior executive position or space for office wey dem fit get mouth.

Ufeli talk say, 'for Andela we get saying wey be own you own; as a woman, no let fear catch you.'

Wetin be hijabi?

Hijabi na woman or girl wey dey wear di Islamic head-cover wey dem dey call Hijab.

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Image example To wear hijab na choice and no be by force as many people dey think

Hijab na Arabic word for headscarf but no be only dat one e mean. E fit mean to cover person from things wey dey for world.

Many people no dey understand say Hijab no be by force; dem think say dem dey use am to oppress women but di truth be say women get choice if dem wan use am or not, or di style to take cover head.

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