Sex Toy: Zambia wan begin deal with who dey sell and use am

Advert for social media about sex toy dey increase more and more. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Advert for social media about sex toy dey increase more and more

Zambia government don threaten to begin deal with people and business wey dey sell sex toys inside di country.

Recently, di advert wey dey promote sex toys for social media dey increase more-more, wey come make di ministry of religious affairs to speak out.

Zambia, wey dem declare Christian country according to di law, no dey tolerate some kind practice like same sex marriage.

Reverend Godfridah Sumaili, wey be di minister in charge of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, talk say her ministry go work with law enforcement agencies to make sure say di selling of sex toys, dem stop am patapata for di country.

According to Reverend Godfridah di law under Section 177 forbid make dey bring, sell, buy and promote bad object wey fit corrupt people.

"As e be so di government no go allow dis evil and yeye act of using sex toys."

But Sean Tembo, wey be leader of one opposition party, no agree with di minister.

E say: "Wetin di Honourable Minister of Religious Affairs dey try to do so, to by force threaten those wey like to buy sex dolls, be say she dey try to put her personal values on di rest of our citizens and dis dey against both di Holy Bible and our republican constitution, wey encourage and protect di right of people.

"Make every body know say salvation na personal choice and no be wetin di government go by force people to pursue."

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