Nigeria: ‘Lekki Toll Protest na excuse not to pay’ – MD LCC

Motor for Admiralty Circle Plaza for first toll gate for Lekki
Image example Dem start to collect di new toll money for February 1, 2018

Nigerians wey take vex, do protest on top money wey company increase for Lekki, Lagos just dey find reason not to pay for service wey dem dey enjoy.

Na di Lekki Concession Company (LCC) wey dey manage di toll gate talk am as dem dey respond to all di complain wey dey follow di new increase for toll gate money

Di Managing Director, Mohammed Mubashiru Hassan say di protest na excuse not to pay di toll.

LCC say dem increase di money for toll as things don high for market, so dat dem go fit still continue to dey maintain di road and di machines wey dem dey take work so dat di road go dey good all di time.

Hassan tell BBC News Pidgin tori person Karina Igonikon say, dia operating cost don rise well well pass wen dem start to collect di toll for 2011, so dem need to do small adjustment for di toll.

Im say dem bin try change am for November 2017, but Lagos State Governor say make dem consult with people. Na so dem come talk to some people wey dey concern like NURTW wey be drivers' union, and others wey dey live and get business dia, agree on di money before dem increase am.

But many area people say all dis one no be true.

Image example Mohammed Hassan say no be by force to pay di toll gate money as other places dey for people wey no wan use di expressway, to use

On top di loan mata, Mr. Hassan explain say: 'when di loan don due and den we no fit pay, di government come in to assist, but no be disco money na, wen dem assist na just to retain di image of dis place and di image of di government too. We go still pay di government back, no be Father Christmas."

E add say: "there are some parts wey we dey pay bank, and den some part will still go to di government but we neva begin pay…government know our condition, so dem know say di condition neva smooth but dem assure us say dem give us full backing and anytime we dey able to clear off, den we fit pay back di government."

Image example Di Lekki concession contract na for 30 years and 10 years plus don comot for am and di road construction work neva complete

Lagos State Commissioner for Information, Kehinde Bamigbetan sef bin don explain say give BBC News Pidgin say dem help LCC buy di debt wen dem see say dem no fit carry am, but dat e say di debt neva disappear, even though di interest no heavy as e bin dey before.

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