Cameroon President di celebrate e birthday today

Cameroon president Paul Biya Image copyright Getty Images

Today 13 February , President Biya don blow e number 85 candle for dis world.

As e celebrate e born day today, President Biya bi take power from Amadou Ahidjo for 6 November 1982, and e don don rule kontri for 35 years.

Na so birthday wishes di pour laik water and Brenda Biya dey among de first pipo weh wish e (papa) president happy birthday.

"Helep me wish happy birthday to loving papa, protector and great Lion", Brenda don tweet.

Some pipo check say president don over stay for power and but e party member dem don di mobilise for put for 2018 election.

University don, John Ako say de birthday concern only president as person, e no get anything for do with de kontri.

But e lament say, "For 35 years weh president dey power, na so-so anarchy, dictatorship, inhuman killing, assassination and prisoner for conscience di show".

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