South Africa: Police don raid Gupta family home

Police cars wey park for front of Gupta family house Image copyright EPA
Image example Police corner road in front of Gupta family house and arrest at least two people

South Africa top federal police unit for crime mata, di Hawks, don raid di house of di Gupta family as investigation into wetin dem dey call state capture continue.

So far, dem don arrest three people, including one of di brothers, and dem dey expect say di two other brothers go surrender, police bin talk for statement.

Di Gupta family don get accusation on top dia padi-padi with President Jacob Zuma, wey don give dem plenty political power to use for dia companies.

Di family deny all di allegations.

According to statement wey Hawks release to South African media, di raids dey in connection to di Vrede Estina dairy farm investigation where dem accuse Guptas say dem kolobi for demsef money wey suppose help poor black farmers.

Di raid dey come as Mr Zuma dey face serious pressure to resign, because of links to di Guptas.

As one blue police helicopter dey fly over di house, local residents and pipo wey dey waka pass abuse di Guptas even as dem troway salute to police for wetin dem dey do.

"E dey very emotional for all South Africans. Dis na to make South Africa right again," talk Tessa Turvey. "Dis na real meaningful change," talk anoda man, as im dey waka with im dogs.

South Africans don enter Twitter to take talk dia mind about di mata.

African National Congress (ANC) di ruling party dey expect to get response from Zuma later today on top dia request say make im step down.

Di Hawks, di name of South Africa crime unit, confirm say dem dey search di compound of Gupta dem near Johannesburg zoo on Wednesday morning.

Dem also don do raids on other properties.

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