"I no know say promise of better life go become death sentence": How I turn to slave for UK

Anti-slavery activists rally outside Parliament, in London Image copyright Getty Images

Timi Pepple travel go UK to find better life for imself with all di money wey im get but e no too tay everything finish; na so im start to sleep for streets. Na out of desperation im begin find people for Nigerian community.

"Dem say dem go help me," na wetin di 28-year-old talk.

Dem send Timi go Aberdeen for Scotland to work for one man wey im call "di boss."

Dem collect im documents from am and give am one place for ground to sleep for house wey already full well-well with other young-young Nigerian men.

For daytime im dey clean house, and for night im dey work for one local club, dey clean toilets and sell aftershave and lollipops.

"Oga go come every night come collect all di money wey we don make."

Image example Dem force Timi Pepple to clean toilets and sell sweets inside club for one Nigerian boss

Timi story na just one inside over 2,200 modern slavery crimes wey British police don record for 12-month period wey include April 2017.

Na 160 percent more dan di figure wey dey for di year before.

One organisation wey dey work to fight slavery for UK say di real number fit big pass di 13,000 cases.

London na "where modern slavery" dey grow well-well, and charities dem dey warn say most of di victims dem dey come from overseas.

International gangs

Image example Slave wey dey for outside: many victims of modern slavery, mostly men, dey work inside car washes

Hestia, one UK charity wey dey work with victims of trafficking say e dey help and support people from all over di world.

Last year 35 per cent of di cases wey dem handle involve people from Albania, followed by Nigerians (17%), Vietnamese (6%) and Indians (5%).

Albanian dia own na to traffick women for sex work; for Vietnam di gang dia dey target men and orphans to work for warehouse dem and cannabis farms.

Dem sabi offer Nigerians jobs dem for salon, shops or family homes.

"Dem get one style wey dem dey use for people na to make dem owe money before dem go offer to help dem with money if dem come UK," na wetin Diane Payne talk.

Dat na wetin happen to 30-year-old Vietnamese Tran Van Nam. Wen im fishing boat spoil, im ask one local gang for money to buy new one. Im offer to work to pay back.

"I bin dey work to pay dem back $20 a day but I no fit do am for long," na wetin im tell BBC Vietnamese.

"Na one day four men come my house come force me to go UK."

Na so Van Nam start to dey work illegally for one warehouse dey pack DVD dem.

Im try to escape but na so dem catch am, hand am over to another gang wey dey run cannabis farm.

"Dey use metal rod to beat me well-well come chain me. I bin dey fear live in fear."

Image example Tran Van Nam na fisherman from central Vietnam, wey dem traffick, after e ask one local mafia for loan to buy new fishing boat

Sabi people say gangs dem inside UK fit move victims around di country because of di kind network wey dem get.

"I escape from di house for Scotland, come dey live for streets again, when another man come meet me again to tell me to work for am," na wetin Timi Pepple add put.

"As I reach dia I see myself for bad situation; e just dey like say I jump from frying pan enter fire. Dem beat me, blood dey comot from my nose and mouth but I no fit go report to police because dem threaten me."

Finally, after e try two times, Pepple escape. Dem keep am for safe house wia dem dey take care of am and "di boss" now dey under investigation.

Tran Van Nam too dem rescue am, and now im dey wait whether UK government go gree for im asylum application.

José Arias escape wen im dey go work- "I just run for one hour I no look back."

Im go hide for one cheap hostel and im relation buy im ticket to go back to Ecuador.

"I no know say promise of a better life go turn to life sentence." E say e no even occur to am say person fit end up as slave.

Britain na one of di countries wey dey ginger to stop slavery - dem pass di Modern Slavery Act for 2015 to give life sentences for traffickers and chook eye for employers sef.

Authorities now dey put eye ontop plenty-plenty cases dem.

Di names and places dem change am to protect di identity dem of di victims

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