Bird flu virus: Ghana don raise alarm for farm

Chicken dem from France wey bin get flu virus Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis photo from 6 December 2016 shows chicken for France, when di country dey battle di H5N8 bird virus.

Ghana authorities don raise hand say dem see di deadly bird flu virus wey be H9N2 for inside farm, for southwest side of di country.

Reuters dey report say na di World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) talk am on 14 February, and dem talk di tori with information from Ghana officials.

Di virus infect and kill 4,225 poultry birds from total of 16,822 animals wey dey di farm. Report from OIE na say authorities slaughter di remaining birds.

Report from OIE say dem get all di information from Dr Kenneth M. K. Gbeddy, wey be di Chief Veterinary Officer, Veterinary Services Directorate, Ministry of Food and Agriculture wey dey Accra.

Di farm dey inside di Dormaa Municipal district near di border with Ivory Coast.

More information from di report na say authorities don begin separate di birds wey be quarantine, and dem dey monitor movement of birds inside di country.

H9N2 virus dey affect birds but e dey fit cross come infect human beings.

Di viruses dey kill birds well-well for di poultry industry for many countries inside North Africa, di Middle east and Asia.

Over di past two decades, human infections with dis virus don dey happen more-more, for Egypt, mainland China, Hong Kong and Bangladesh, especially among poultry workers dem.

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