Valentine's Day: Five gifts to give dat special person

Some young people no go wan hear anything if you fail to buy dem Valentine gift on 14 February.

Buying and giving of gifts for love ones and partners na di main di main thing for some people on Vals Day.

Good Ereseh wey be Love Relationship expert tell BBC Pidgin say Valentine na romance full inside, so any gift person wan buy suppose be something wey fit make another person fall in love.

Ereseh talk say "no break your account on top Valentine gift waka." Im add say Valentine no get special gift wey person suppose buy, but im list seven gifts wey go create romance on di day.

1. Chocolate

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Image example People wey sabi say chocolate gift get strong symbolic meaning as love, passion, care, happy life.

2. Cake

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Image example Cake dey represent di good of love

3. Ice Cream

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5. Flower

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Image example Red rose na flower wey popular wella on valentine day. And tori be say flower dey bring out emotion from people.

6. Bottle of Wine

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Image example Wine na good gift wey you fit use to 'close' di day on Valentine's Day

7. You - your physical presence.

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Image example Na person go show love, so di expert say physical presence dey important

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