Shell oil spill: Nigerians don lose court case inside UK

A Shell oil inlet manifold dey Kegbara-Dere,for di popular Nigerian oil-producing Ogoniland, wey dey host Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) for Rivers State for Nigeria on June 24, 2010. Image copyright AFP
Image example Shell don chop plenty court case against dem from community dem inside Niger Delta region of Nigeria

Di Court of Appeal inside London on 14 February rule say two Nigerian communities no go fit do case against Royal Dutch Shell for English courts on top oil spills mata for Nigeria Delta region.

Di court reject di appeal from Bille and Ogale communities dia lawyer wey be Leigh Day, and even talk say English court no get right to listen claims against di Nigerian unit of Shell, wey be Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC).

Nigerian government dey follow operate di SPDC.

Leigh Day say di two Nigerian communities plan to carry di case go Britain's Supreme Court.

New York vs oil companies: 'Nigeria government no fit try am'

Reuters dey report say Leigh Day partner Daniel Leader talk say: "we dey hope say di Supreme Court go give permission to appeal and go see am from anoda point of view."

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