Authorities don catch Nigeria herbalist wey dey thief pickin give women

  • Dooshima Abu
  • BBC News Pidgin, Abuja
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Wetin we call dis foto,

She think say God don bless her with pickin but discover say na one chance

Authorities for Nigeria don catch one herbalist wey dey thief people pickin come give am to another woman as fake belle.

Di National Agency for di Prohibition of Trafficking In Persons (NAPTIP) for Abuja, Nigeria capital don arrest one herbalist after dem catch one woman wey carry pickin wey no be her own.

NAPTIP catch di herbalist, Chigozie Emmanuel, for one clinic for New Karu, wey dey for outside Abuja city.

Di agency investigative person, Bako Amos Gambo say dem still dey touchlight di matter and dem go charge di herbalist go court soon.

How he take deceive women

"E carry me go delivery room hang my leg, shook something for my thing, come tell me madam push-push. Suddenly, I come dey hear di cry of pickin".

44 year old Abigail (no be her real name) dey narrate how di herbalist take deceive her to believe say she don born pickin after she no fit born for 17 years.

"When I meet am, e tell me say e go treat me with herb but I go pay one million naira. I come cry beg am say I go give am N650,000 and e come give me di herbs".

Na wetin Abigail talk after she say e tire her as she never born and her neighbours dem dey mock her.

So, when she hear of herbalist wey dey make people pregnant, na im she sharp-sharp collect number call Emmanuel.

How di herb dey carry give dem belle?

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis na di mixture of herb wey di herbalist dey give women

She come start to take di herbs and after three months, her body come change and by five months, her belle don show. But wen she ask di herbalist which hospital she go go, e tell her make she no go any one.

When time for her to born reach, di herbalist come tell her to go Port Harcourt. "As I reach dia , dem carry me go inside di house to di waiting room and come ask me to remove my cloth, e give me anoda herbal medicine and say make I dey waka up and down for six hours and later e come say my time to born don reach".

No be only Abigail herbalist Emmanuel deceive, anoda woman say e do am di same thing and tell am say make she pay 1.9 million naira for twins. But because she don dey look for pickin for 15 years, she beg am come give am 1.4 million.

But wen she go Port Harcourt to deliver with im husband, dem just give her one boy pickin but by di time she complain, e ask her to pay another money so e go make her pregnant again. So she go borrow money come give am five hundred thousand, but after that e no hear from am again.

Wetin we call dis foto,

She borrow money from neighbours and now she don enter gbese

How di herbalist dey operate

38 year old herbalist, Chigozie Emmanuel, aka 'Akuchi', come from South Eastern state of Enugu and dey run Akuchi Herbal Concept for New Karu, one area of Abuja.

BBC News Pidgin tori person Dooshima Abu go di area to see where di herbalist dey operate from. Di place na 3-bedroom flat. E dey use am like hospital and dey sleep there. E get consulting room with hospital bed there where e dey check people. Di parlour na waiting room where im workers dey give di women medicine.

NAPTIP don close di place down.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Card fee for di clinic na N4,000

How NAPTIP take catch am?

Na as Abigail dey come from Port Harcourt to Niger state, na im her pickin come dey cry for motor. She no fit breastfeed because her breast no dey comot milk.

She dey try feed di pickin with milk but di thing no work. Na im women and oda passenger wey dey di car come di suspect say di pickin no be her own. As dem reach Abuja na im dem come call police for her. Na for dia her eye come clear say di pickin no be her own.

Na from dia NAPTIP follow di mata, start investigation wey catch di herbalist.