UK Minister for Africa say government na key party for start dialogue

  • Leocadia Bongben
  • BBC News Pidgin, Cameroon
One woman dey walk for Nigeria Cameroon border

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United Kingdom officials don hold meeting with government and Anglophone community for find solution for Anglophone crisis.

Na Minister of State for Africa at di Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Minister of State for International Development Harriett Baldwin do am.

"Solution not fit komot if violence dey, dis wan na weti ah gather after weh ah visit Buea, tok Anglophone community, hear dia worry dem; and from ma tok with government ministers", Harriett Baldwin, tell BBC News Pidgin tori person, Leocadia Bongben.

UK Minister say deh know say President Biya put for some measure for ground, e wan dialogue and for make sure say violence stop.

Katakata start for de two Anglophone regions dem since one year and just now solution still dey far away.

For seka say dialogue na de thing weh e dey for any-man e mop but nobody di start negotiate dialogue, de Minister for Africa say deh di encourage all party for start dialogue and say, "government na key participant for dis dialogue".

"E bi important say make dialogue start, make correct dialogue dey, make dey discuss, we di encourage all side for tok de issues dem and see how for march forward".

Na dis dialogue suppose be for bring solution as population don tight for middle crisis and suffer dey sotei for one year now.

Harriet Baldwin say na dis kain discussion weh High Commissioner for Cameroon di negotiate, from experience weh Britain get.

"We get plenty dis kain issue dem and we share experience for how we di solve de problems", de Minister For Africa tok.

No be only politics concern Minister, e invite First lady Chantal Biya for big meeting for illegal wildlife business weh UK go host for October. De whole world go gather for find solution for dis bad trade for wildlife business, e add.

"We know say October go be na busy time for politicians and we wan make some person represent Cameroon," Baldwin tok.

Minister for Africa bi take some taim for stop for Edea for see Lake Ossa Wildlife Reserve weh e di keep some wildlife specie weh e di disappear.

Laik important Commonwealth partner and na for seka say UK di host Commonwealth Summit for April, na yi weh Minister decide for make de visit for Cameroon.