Nigeria government wan check whether 'cheap' petrol price dey correct

Woman dey sell petrol for filling station

Di join-bodi wey dey advice government on top economy mata dey do discussion with Nigeria oil company to check whether Nigerians dey pay correct money for petrol.

Petrol price na serious mata for Nigeria and government dey control how much marketers dey sell am.

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Nigerians no dey like to hear fuel price increase because e dey affect oda things like how much food dey cost for market

President Muhammadu Buhari bin increase price to N145 per litre for 2016 but im no gree deregulate as marketers want because im no want make people suffer.

But di way government dey control price no allow importers to profit and di Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, import 90% of di fuel wey people use last year.

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Since December 2017, na so-so queue for petrol station. Some Nigerians dey pack car sleep for filling station and odas go carry plenty jerry can come

Fuel scarcity don dey hama Nigerians since December 2017.

National Economic Council, NEC, committee don dey discuss with NNPC to determine di correct amount people suppose buy petrol.

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Petrol attendants dey collect money - motorist

Mohammed Abubakar, di governor of Bauchi state, wey dey northern Nigeria, talk say di NEC committee and NNPC go compare Nigeria fuel price with oda West African countries dem because na wetin dey ginger smugglers be dat.

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Black market na common thing for Nigeria

Fuel price cheap for Nigeria pass oda countries and di way crude oil price just dey increase dey go mean say smugglers go calculate say dem fit make more profit if dem carry di fuel wey dem suppose sell for Nigeria go oda countries.

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"We dey queue for marketer benefit" - Seun Kuti

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Former president Goodluck Jonathan bin try remove subsidy for 2012 but Nigerians enter street to protest because dem dey reason say subsidy na di only way dem dey enjoy say Nigeria dey produce petrol.

Dis na wetin dey cause scarcity for di country.

And as e be so, Nigeria refineries no dey work as dem suppose so e mean say di country dey import 40 million litres per day.