Nigeria: Suicide bomb blast kill at least 18 for Konduga, Borno

Area where dem keep pipo wey Boko Haram attack don chase comot dia house Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Boko Haram attacks don chase more than two million pipo comot house for Nigeria

Three suicide bomb attackers don kill at least 18 people for di town of Konduga for north-east Nigeria.

Two of dem attack one fish market and di last person attack for one area nearby, na wetin security pipo talk.

Dem don blame Boko Haram militants for di blasts, even though di group never come to say na dem do am.

Dis one dey happen even as di Nigerian Army don promise to give N3million ($8,500) to anybodi wey sabi where di group leader Abubakar Shekau dey.

Boko Haram don kill about 20,000 people and make more than two million people homeless, since dem begin dia fight for 2009 to get Islamic state for north of di country.

Di suicide bombers carry out di attack on Friday evening for di town, wey dey about 30km south-east of Borno state capital wey be Maiduguri.

Image example Dis na di area where di latest Boko Haram attack happen

Tori people no report di attack until Saturday 17 February. Some say na 19 pipo die -18 civilians and one soldier, and at least 50 odas injure.

Last month, two women suicide bombers attack one place near Konduga.

For 2014, Boko Haram commit one of dia worst crimes when dem kidnap more than 270 girls from dia school for north-east town of Chibok.

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