Nigeria killing: 35 people die for Zamfara dis week

Dis na Kizara village for June 2013.

Wia dis foto come from, STR/AFP/Getty

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis kind attack dey very common for Zamfara state. Dis na Kizara village for June 2013.

For inside dis week, about thirty five people don die for di hand of gunmen for Zamfara state, northwest Nigeria.

Di latest attack happen for Birane village for Zurmi local government area for di state.

Tori be say di bandits wey fit be thief dem wey dey steal cow, bin use motorcycle enter village begin shoot people upandan. Dem bin injure many people come burn many houses.

According to BBC tori person, Chris Ewokor, Zamfara state police bin no fit talk how many people wey die for di attack.

But people wey bin see am happen say, gunmen waylay traders wey dey inside motor dey go village market.

Dem cut di driver throat come begin shoot people wey dey inside, after, dem come burn di motor.

Dem bin also attack okada man wey carry one woman and her three children. Dem kill di okada man but di woman and her children still dey miss.