Di new BBC Yoruba & Igbo 'dey sweet for belle'

The Editors of di BBC language service dem wey dey Nigeria
Image example BBC don get Hausa, Pidgin, Yoruba and Igbo Services for Nigeria wey go serve di whole of West and Central Africa

"Di thing dey sweet people for belle". Na how editor of BBC Yoruba, Temidayo Olofinsawo, take describe how people dey feel for social media as dem launch di service.

BBC bin launch di Yoruba and Igbo services on Monday 19 February to join di Hausa service wey don dey for over 60 years, and Pidgin wey start for August 2017.

Adline Okere, di Igbo editor say dis new service go help to teach people wey no sabi how to speak di language and e go help make di language no die as di world sef don recognize dem.

Image example BBC get Hausa, Pidgin, Yoruba and Igbo services to give ogbonge tori for West and Central Africa

Dis services na part of di largest investment wey di BBC World Service don do since di 1940s and na di UK government put money for am.

Di Igbo service na mainly for people inside eastern and south eastern Nigeria and oversea, while di Yoruba service na for south west Nigeria, Benin and Togo plus diaspora.

Image example BBC Yoruba and Igbo go give ogbonge tori wey go make people learn di language and culture of Yoruba and Igbo people

Dem be digital services wey mean say na online dem go tanda, and dem go dey bring exciting short-short audio, video, graphics and even illustrations.

Image example E get over 30 million people wey dey speak Igbo for south east Nigeria

BBC Head of West Africa languages, Toyosi Ogunseye say every language get correct tori wey dey dia domot wey dem wan talk.

As dem launch, BBC Yoruba Minute hala for four radio stations and BBC Igbo Minute shele for 5 radio station wey dey partner with dem.

Image example Na over 40 million people dey speak yoruba language for south west Nigeria and countries like Benin republic and Togo

Jamie Angus wey be di head for BBC World Service say dem go give di new services all di support wey dem need, say dem dey dia back gidigba.

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