BBC don launch Yoruba and Igbo services

BBC Igbo team
Image example Dis na di BBC Igbo Team as dem ready to deliver correct tori

Today na im di BBC Igbo and Yoruba services launch; dem be two of di three new languages wey di BBC just start for Nigeria and di West and Central Africa region.

Dis services na part of di largest investment wey di BBC World Service don do since di 1940s and na di UK government put money for am.

Di Igbo service na mainly for people inside eastern and south eastern Nigeria and oversea, while di Yoruba service na for south west Nigeria, Benin and Togo plus diaspora.

Dem be digital services wey mean say na online dem go tanda, and dem go dey bring exciting short-short audio, video, graphics and even illustrations.

Two times every day, teams for here go make one episode of BBC Minute - to help people know wetin dey happen for di world in 60 seconds.

Di editorial plan no be just for news wey no bend mouth, but dem go also add trending topics, with sports, entertainment, business, health, education and women tori.

Na so so original things go full ground from di tori people wey go dey work on different stories and mata dem wey important to area people all over dia region.

Image example Di BBC Yoruba team go serve Nigeria, Benin, Togo and even oversea people

Every day na im dia website and social media yard go get digital content cover everything, and still put eye on top how to talk with di people. Di sne follow join di BBC News editorial strategy wey be say no be only to provide tori, but to also add analysis, explain di tori and nack am with features.

As di Editorial Lead, Peter Okwoche say:" Dis two services go torchlight original journalism from dia regions and dem go add tori from Africa with di main world tori. BBC Igbo and Yoruba go be place for talk-talk on things wey concern people and go give voce to different human beings dem. We go really put eye on top women."

Head of West Africa, Oluwatoyosi Ogunseye own be say: "To dey bring content and dey yarn with di Igbo and Yoruba people for dia own language na real thing, e dey exciting and e dey sweet belle. Di BBC really get mind about original journalism wey dey add value and dis na wetin we wan continue with dis services. Dem go deliver independent, objective and original news to give wetin di people need for Nigeria and West Africa."

Topics Wey Dem Resemble

Another thing we de for inside dis tori