Seven things you fit do to make your pickin get sense well-well

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Image example Sabi people don do many research ontop wetin dey make pickin dey smart.

Every mama and papa want dia pickin to dey sharp, to do well-well for life, so dem dey find different means to make am happen.

Sabi people dem say e get different things wey parents go fit do to make sure say dia pickin sharp well-well.

Dis one na list of some things wey some sabi scientist dem say fit help your pickin.

Happy pickin dem

Di first thing to do to make sure say your pickin dey happy na to make sure say you di parent dey happy first.

Sabi people say pickin wey happy dey grow to become person wey go blow, stand gidigba for life.

Happy people dey make am pass people wey no dey happy, dem dey get better job, earn better pay, dey marry and dia marriage dey satisfy dem.

Read with your pickin

Many parents dey do di reading thing in a wrong way.

If your pickin still dey learn how to read, no just allow dem dey look di picture make only you dey do di reading. Instead make sure say dia ear dey ontop wetin dey inside di book, make dem listen to di word. Read am with dem, no read am for dem.

Sabi people say dis one go help dem sabi read well-well.

Music lesson

A lot of parents dey guilty of dis one, dem no regard music at all. Dem think say dis na foreign thing but sabi people don carry out research wey show say music lesson go make your pickin dey sharp.

E dey increase dia IQ and help dem learn fast-fast for school.

Infact research don also show say no be only pickin music dey help to dey sharp, old people too dey benefit from am.

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Image example Sabi people say if you balance class work and physical activity e dey help pickin dem smart

Outside activity join too

Okay no be only to sit down inside classroom, your pickin need to do some outside activity too.

Who say your pickin no go do well if im read and do some kain exercise all in a way wey balance?

Sabi people say to dey in good shape dey help person to learn fast.

Time for everything including sleep

Sleep dey very important. Sabi people say di number of hours wey school children dey sleep get hand inside how dem dey perform for school.

For every stage of person life e get di number of hours wey sabi people talk say e dey correct to sleep and rest.

For example, pickin dem between di age of 3-6 suppose dey sleep reach 10-12 hours a day. If e miss one hour e go affect im performance for school.

Outside influence

Na true say pickin dey resemble im mama and papa but what about how you train dem?

Sabi people say dis one no dey too matter.

Di one thing wey get big hand ontop how your pickin dem go turn out na who dem dey mingle with.

Dis na two way thing sha, e fit affect am in di right or wrong way.

Sabi people say if you live for better place, send your pickin go better school, and make sure say dem mingle with di right crowd, e go make big difference inside how dem go turn out in future.

For instance if you dey school and you dey hang out with di person wey sabi for class, wetin go happen?

Believe dem die

When you don do all of di above, wetin remain na to believe your pickin die.

Sabi people say when you believe say your pickin na brain, e dey make difference.

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