Gambia: Government don ban death penalty

Gambia Image copyright CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images
Image example Adama Barrow replace Yahya Jammeh wey rule for 23 years.

Gambian President Adama Barrow don announce ban on death penalty, as di country dey try to repair dia image for international community, after dem remove dia former leader Yahya Jammeh wey use strong hand rule dem for many-many years.

Death penalty mean say dem sentence di person to die, na big punishment wey government put ontop person wey commit crime.

Capital punishment no dey reign like dat again for Africa; for 2016 na 22 people dem kill compared 43 wey die di year before - dat na according to Amnesty International.

"I wan use dis opportunity to take suspend di death penalty for Gambia, dis go be di first step before we stop am patapata," na wetin Barrow talk, to mark im country 53rd independence from Great Britain.

Jammeh run comot from Gambia last year, after im lose im re-election. Im vex plenty people for international community for 2012, wen im government kill nine prisoners with firing squad.

Tori be say since Barrow enter office last year, im don try to repair di damage wey Jammeh 23- year rule don cause Gambia, wey see many human right abuse and wahala with foreign governments.

Na early dis month, na im Gambia join Commonwealth - Jammeh bin comot dem from for 2013, and dat time e call am "neo-colonial institution."

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