Ghana: Law students threaten legal case sake of law school admission L.I.

Ghana Parliament Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di lawmakers bin decide say di regulation go dey set entrance exam to enter Ghana law school

Concerned Law Students for Ghana say if say dem go seek redress for Supreme Court if parliament no comot di controversial Legal Profession Regulation.

Di Concerned Law Students submit petition to parliament sometime back against di new Legislative Instrument (L.I.).

Dem oppose sake of di law sake of e dey go against demma rights to education, plus e dey hold back growth of di legal education for Ghana.

Dem make it clear say if parliament no comot di controversial law, dem go carry di matter go Supreme Court.

According to di Concerned Law Students, dem be confident say parliament go withdraw dis L.I. else dem go carry di matter go Supreme Court.

Leader of di group Ken Donkor argue say dis bill go kill demma dreams of going to law school, but dem no go sit down make e happen.

Chaw people wey be qualified dey apply go law school for Ghana, but dem dey admit some small number. Sake of dis wey big argument dey happen for Ghana over why Ghana Law School no dey call dem to di bar although most of dem already get LLB.

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