UNICEF: 'More West and Central Africa babies dey die every year'

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More babies dey die every-every year inside West and Central Africa, even though child health don dey better overall, according to aid agencies.

Laurent Hiffler wey dey work with medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) tell Reuters say di regions dem newborn death rate na "tragedy wey dey hide."

To stop di palava, MSF dey teach women simple things wey dey dem fit do for house when dem born, like how to revive pickin wey no dey conscious, and to dey carry newborn pickin near bodi to warm up those wey dem born premature, na wetin Mr Hiffler talk.

United Nations dia pickin agency wey be UNICEF say five of di 10 most dangerous countries for pickin to dey born dey for West and Central Africa - babies for there dey likely to die 50 times more within one month, than to say dem born dem for Japan or Iceland.

Also, di UNICEF report say na one in 16 pregnancies for di region dey end up as stillbirth or death within a month - most of dis deaths dey preventable, as na premature birth, labour complications or infection dey cause dem.

While di number of deaths among pickin wey dey under five years old for world don reduce by more than half in di last 25 years, progress to end deaths among pickin wey dey less than one month old don dey much slower, according to Henrietta Fore, wey be UNICEF chief.

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"Small babies dia health no be something wey governments or institutions don really put dia eye on top," UNICEF regional health specialist, Alain Prual, talk.

While di rate wey small pickin dey die don dey reduce, di way population dey grow be say di number of deaths still dey increase for West and Central Africa.