Cameroon: Group wan make Divisional Officer komot for Anglophone region

Army for Bamenda

Wia dis foto come from, STRINGER

Pro-independence Southern Cameroon leaders don give ultimatum for civil administrators, Divisional Officers, DO, say no political party convention or election go happen for Anglophone regions dem.

Na Chris Anu, di Southern Cameroon Communication Secretary tok dis one, even as nobodi don see Marcel Namata Diteng, di Batibo Divisional Officer for Northwest region, since e miss on 11 February.

One of di parties wey dis tok fi affect na di main opposition party Social Democratic Front (SDF), wey bin wan hold dia convention on 24 February.

But SDF Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi don tell BBC News Pidgin say e no di take instructions from Southern Cameroons.

"You don hear say ah disturb Ambazonians or Southern Cameroons? Why dey go check say dey fit give me instructions?" na weti yi ask.

Wia dis foto come from, SEYLLOU/AFP/Getty

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis na archive picture weh, SDF Chairman, Fru Ndi di hold meeting for 2011 presidential election

Ndi add say: "you no fit intimidating man weh na fighter? If ah no bi be who ah be, for 1990 ah no for launch party under de condition weh ah bi dey inside. Deh shell ma compound, try for shoot me for Bafoussam, put me for house arrest and all kain by kain tactics."

Southern Cameroons pro-independence group deh di blame international community say deh no di push President Biya for shiddon for table tok, and seka dem feel say diplomacy no di work.

Anu say dey still insist say dey wan see dia leaders weh Nigeria government deport to Cameroon for 26 January, and weh no appear for public since.

De anglophone crisis don di leave frying pan di jump for fire and USA Embassy for Yaounde don tell e kontri pipo make de no go de regions dem till March 7, but President Paul Biya tok recently say life don dey turn to normal for Cameroon.