Why Nigeria allow Cameroon enter Abuja go gbab Ambazonia leaders

Nigeria and Cameroon get border to di south and north part each country
Image example Nigeria and Cameroon get border to di south and north part of each country

Weeks after Nigeria keep quiet on top how some soldiers enter Abuja wey be di country seat of government, go seize di leader of Cameroon Abazonia separatist Ayuk Tabe and some of im group members, di Cameroon government come outside talk am ho-ha, thank Nigeria government for di collabo wey dem get to kolobi dis people wey President Paul Biya dey vex for.

But di question na why Nigeria government allow Cameroon soldiers to gbab Ambazonia leader inside Abuja.

One Security Adviser wey don get years of experience for dis kain matter (but no want us to use e name) say di two countries collabo for di arrest.

Im say: "Di matter get as e be, you know say every country get di people wey dey oda country dem dey look for to gbab... di thing be say Nigeria enter padi-padi arrangement with dia neighbours wey be Chad, Niger, Benin and Cameroon to do International Joint Tax Force wey be join bodi parole on top security matter."

Dis security sabi person say dis International Joint Tax Force allow for each country security to protect dia interest with some kain operation.

"E fit be say Cameroon security use secret mission enter Nigeria gbab di separatist dem or dem get help from Nigeria government wey go don tell dem where to hide take gbab di separatist dem.

If you remeber na so Nigeria take go gbab Umaru Dikko wey dem bin go London put am inside briefcase wan carry comot enter Nigeria before Britain Airport security catch dem."

E no reach one week after Cameroon government announce say dis separatist dey face justice system for Younde na im Nigeria, Cameroon soldiers join bodi do operation to fight Boko Haram.

Tori be say Cameroon Information Minister Issah Tchiroma bin tell BBC on 30 January 2018 say dem follow wetin im call due process before dem go gbab di separatist dem from Abuja Nigeria on 5 January 2018. Mr Tchiroma even thank Nigeria government for dia colabo on top di mata.

Image copyright Sisiku Ayuk/Facebook
Image example Julius Sisiku Ayuk Tabe na im be di leader of Abazonia

Even as e be so, Nigeria government never still open mouth talk whether dem press hand gree make Cameroon security enter dia country use force gbab di separatists wey reach 47 according to Cameroon government including di leader Ayuk Tabe.

Upon all di calls and text wey BBC Pidgin send give Nigeria secret police wey be Department of State Service; di Army talk-talk person and di country Information Minister on top di mata, no one gree answer.

Eric Shu wey be implementation partner for UNHCR on top Cameroon refugees inside Nigeria tell we tori person Daniel Semeniworima say "according to di Nigeria Immigration service and di Foreign Affairs office for di country, dem no fit chook mouth for di mata because dem say na military operation."

Image copyright Nigeria Army
Image example Boko Haram militants don dey worry Nigeria dia north east and Cameroon dia north west region.

"Now, Mr. Ayuk Tabe no even dey for Cameroon central prison or SED - wey be - 'secretariat d'etat a la defense' wey be one special unit where dem suppose hold high risk prisoner. Den even di number no add up from di 47 people wey Cameroon government say dem arrest 39 (for Taraba northeast Nigeria) and 12 (for Abuja di country capital)", na wetin Mr. Shu talk.

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