Herdsmen killings: Dem use knife cut my father head - 11 yr old victim

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Benue killings: 'Dem dey debate whether to use gun or knife kill my Papa'

Many pickin na im dey suffer pass for attacks wey suspected herdsmen don do for di north central region of Nigeria, according to sabi people.

One of dis victims na 11-year-old Solomon; im say e no get papa again, after those wey e call Fulani herdsmen attack dia village for Ekwu inside Agatu community for Benue state.

Na tears full Solomon eye as im tell BBC News Pidgin reporter Dooshima Abu say im father Sunday Agbebiba come pack dem for motor to run but as dem dey go, dia car enter hole, come hang.

As dia father dey try remove di car, e ask Solomon and di oda brodas to run enter bush, but e no follow.

Im say na so di attackers catch dia Papa, come begin discuss whether na gun or knife dem go use kill am, and na so dem end di man life.

Di pickin say: "since my papa die life no easy for me. I miss am because e be better person, e dey happy every time and e dey make time to play with us im pickin."

Pickins wey no get father because of di Benue Crisis plenty

Solomon now dey live for orphanage, after im mother no fit take care of all her four pickin dem.

Favour Enewa Adah Paul wey di run di TIVID Orphanage where dem dey keep people like Solomon wey no get Mama or Papa say wen e meet Solomon, di pain of im father death affect am well-well.

She explain say for dis recent crisis about 200 hundred children don dey affected, and di fact say Solomon hide for bush see how dem kill im father bin affect im behaviour but dem don try to di counsel am so dat e go start to behave like normal child.

"Dis Saturday we go di Internally Displaced Persons camp and di way we see di condition of di pickins there, all di children for orphanage begin cry."

"Plenty of dem no wear cloth, shoes and dem no even get food eat plus security no dey di camps. Since 2013 most of di pickins wey we dey carry no dey go school and dat one go affect dia future," na wetin she add.

Image example Favour Enewa Paul Adah dey run TIVID orphanage wey dey take care of IDP pickins for Benue state

Victims of Benue Attack don go Court

For April 2016 di people of Benue state carry Nigeria government go ECOWAS court on top complain say di government no fit protect dem as suspected herdsmen dey attack dem each year.

"Dem say make government pay dem N1trillion as no-vex money, so dat dem go carry help communities wey di criminals destroy.

Di Lawyer wey di represent Benue people, Barrister Terrence Vembe say why dem no carry case go Nigeria Court na because chapter 2 of di Constitution ask government to provide security for di pipo, even if dem no do am, u no fit carry dem go court.

"Benue State dey constantly under attack and some of di victims dia human rights dey violated and di federal government no di do anything dat is why we come dis ECOWAS court to seek for protection," Mr Vembe talk.

Di Court adjourn to 31 May for judgement and Vambe say dem go make sure say Nigeria government follow wetin dey court talk.

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