South Africa Police station raid: Five policemen don die

South Africa police Image copyright PIETER BAUERMEISTER/AFP/GETTY IMAGES
Image example Di attackers steal 10 guns and police truck from di station

Armed robbers don shoot and kill five policemen and one soldier inside dia own station for di Eastern Cape province for South Africa.

Di attackers carry force enter di police station near Umtata begin fire for early Wednesday morning.

Dem steal 10 guns and drive comot with one police truck.

South African government News Agency don talk say na three policemen dem first kill for di station.

Di next person wey go die na di soldier man wey di attackers kill after dem don operate finish, dey comot for di station.

Image example Police find di deadi bodi of dia two colleagues for road just 6km from dia station

Di remaining two policemen, wey di attackers kidnap, die later for road just 6km near di station.

Government talk say na ''execution'' style dem shoot di two men.

Police talk say as things dey, dem no know di thing wey cause di attack.

But dem believe say di suspects rob one ATM just before dem raid di station.

General Khehla John Sitole, wey be di National Commissioner of di South African Police Service, don promise say dem go find di killers,

Sitole still talk say, "na very bad thing wey don happen and e dey pain me plenty".

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