Dapchi School Girls: Yobe State government say dem no bin give correct info about missing girls

Confusion dey ground on top di school pickin dem wey dey miss since Monday for Government Girls Science Technical College, Dapchi, Yobe state.
Image example Confusion dey ground on top di school pickin dem wey dey miss since Monday for Government Girls Science Technical College, Dapchi, Yobe state.

Government for Yobe State don come ouside to beg everibodi say 'make una no vex', afta dem bin announce on Wednesday say Army don rescue don rescue 48 girls from Government Girls Science Technical College (GGSTC) Dapchi wey dey mis since on Monday 19 February 2018.

"We bin think say wetin army tell us na true, but now we find out no be true so 'make una no vex, we dey sorry", na wetin Abdullahi Bego wey be di Director-General Press Affairs to Governor Ibrahim Gaidam talk inside one tori im send give BBC on Thursday evening on behalf of Yobe State Government.

According to di tori, Governor Gaidam bin dey for Dapchi on Thursday where im meet community leaders and di school principal and people wey dey work for di school. Di governor also talk with mama and papa of some of di schoolgirl pickin dem wey dey miss where im tell dem to pray and wait small as di government and security pipo still dey try to solve di mata.

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Image example E never still dey clear how many girls dey miss for di school.

Papa of one of di school pickin dem bin tell BBC say di state governor, Ibrahim Gaidam tell dem say dem never see any of dia daughters but say di military dey chase di people wey kolobi di school girls.

Kundiri Alhaji Bukar say five of di mama and papa dem faint instanta as dem hear di tori.

Alhaji Bukar talk say "im (di governor) tell us wetin come make us sad pass when we hear say dem don kolobi our pikin dem. Im say dem bin send soldiers to look for di girls but di military commander tell am say dem no fit find where di girl pickin dem dey with Boko Haram militants.

"Im say no one really dey sure whether Boko Haram na im kolobi di school girl pickin dem. But we for our side, we believe say Boko Haram na im kolobi di pickin dem. I swear to God, Boko Haram na im carry dem!"

Another person wey dey di meeting say dem boo di governor come stone am, afta im make di announcement.

Information Minister Lai Mohammed bin tell tori people on Wednesday say na Boko Haram go kolobi di girls on Monday for dia school and say di Defence Minister go lead two oda ministers including him go di school on Thursday on behalf of federal government to really find out wetin dey happen.

For April 14 2014 na im Boko Haram bin kolobi school pickin dem wey pass 200 for Chibok, Borno State inside di same northeast Nigeria. Di government don dey try dey collect back some of di girls wey loss dat time and President Muhammadu Buhari wey enter government for May 2015 don promise to finish Boko Haram and return all di Chibok school pickin dem.

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Security na one of di main-di main things wey dey on top President Buhari government agenda but dis kain thing wey dey happen fit spoil di mata for im government.

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