Cameroon: Douala Airport de doty make Airlines tok

Ethiopian airways plane

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Ethiopian Airways dey among companies wey di complain about di Douala airport for Cameroon

Some 15 airlines dem be write letter for Director for Cameroon Airports, say situation for Douala international airport bad.

De 15 airlines, among dem CAMAIRCO, Ethiopian, Asky, Kenya Airways and Air France say de standard for service weh dey di get be very poor and even infrastructure di spoil. while de workers dem no get mind for do dia work fine.

For inside de letter dey say Douala Airport over doty, toilet na bad news, place for claim baggage, for store pipo di cargo, de tarmac, na so de equipment deh di spoil and de whole system fit make man craiy, na weti airlines write.

Business woman Matilda Elong weh e di travel from Douala and Yaoundé airports all taim tell BBC News Pidgin say na "big shame" for de kain doty weh e dey Douala Airport.

"When you go other kontri you di see how airport di shine but when you land for any airport, Douala or Yaoundé, e dey laik village strip, de toilet na kill man pay, doty. Water and piss di mix for ground, way no dey for put foot and some taim, even water for flush no dey".

But, Thomas Awono Assoumou, di Director for Cameroon Airports tok for national radio say, "de accusation for me dey too much, de way de Douala airport di function no alarm as de airlines dem make'am look."

De problems dem weh airlines present concern na operations, and for some taim, work di go on for change de face of Douala airport, na weti Assoumou tok.