Bayelsa: Why we say parents go enter prison if dem no send dia pickin go school - Lawmaker

Leader for Bayelsa state house of Assembly say so many things na im ginger dem to put di Compulsory Education law.

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Di leader of Bayelsa state House of Assembly don defend di southern Nigerian state decision to sign new law wey go force parents to send dia pickin go school.

Peter Akpe tell BBC News Pidgin say na so many things ginger dem to put di law and di number one reason be say na di government duty and responsibility to provide education for everybodi, because dat na how e be all over di world.

E say di principle of 'Education for all' dey since 2015, and na even part of Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Di leader of di house add join say: "for Bayelsa, we don spend so much for education sotey we declare state of emergency for education."

"We know say na education we need for change to fit dey inside di state because until you educate di mind everything wey person dey do fit no go get solid foundation."

Mr Akpe add say: "after we don spend all dis plenty money for education inside di state and we no mobilize di student to go enjoy dis benefit, because of lack of understanding, di money go come be come be waste."

Im also say di public school dey free, and if di pickin dem no attend, na big punishment dey ground for di parent, because dem go make sure say dem enforce dis law for all parent and guardian to follow am well.