Cameroon: Old tv screen, electronic plastic na big problem for recycle

Electronics shop
Image example Zongmo Maurice say electronic waste na problem for Cameroon

Pipo weh de di repair television and other electronic equipment dem just di dump de waste for dustbin as deh no know say na big problem for environment.

"Before we bi get problem with wire but now pipo de take wire, mercury and aluminium for recycle. Deh di helep we for komot de waste, but plastic na for dustbin de di put'am."

Zongmo Maurice weh e get electronic repair workshop for Rond Point Damas for Yaoundé Tell BBC News Pidgin.

Na so plenty electronic repairer di do as deh no know de harm weh old tv screen and plastic fit cause for environment.

"Big old television screen, we e get red tube and plastic for electronic equipment na problem for recycle for Cameroon and Africa so we get for pay for ship dem for Europe", Boris de Fautereau, Resident Representative for Solidarite Technologique, company weh e di deal with electronic waste for Yaoundé tell BBC News Pidgin.

Image example Boris de Fautereau

About 60 types for plastic dem dey for electronic waste, deh join some together for layers and some get de thing we e di prevent dem for catch fire and na these one dem get toxic substance, e add.

De kain controlled incinerator for burn de plastic and screen dem no dey for Africa so de Fautereau say dey di try for lobby with Minister for Environment for start dat kain specialise centre for deposit toxic waste.

For now, de company no di collect electronic waste from repairers, na only from big business, company dem and international organisation. Sensitisation hard for do here for Cameroon, de Fautereau tok.

For 2012 Environment Minister, Hele Pierre bi publish directive say each international organisation weh e di operate for Cameroon must sell e electronic waste for specialist because e be very dangerous and e get toxic components.

Image example You still get dis kain tv for house?

Before de law enter, dey bi di sell'am for dia workers, metal pipo, and na company dem with subsidiary for white-man kontri be di apply de law.

Cameroon di produce 8000 ton for electronic waste but dis e waste company de collect only 50 tons per year.

"When electronic waste reach dis centre, we main goal na for give dem second life, repair many. E-waste doctrine na 3R -Reduce, Refurbish and Recycle. We dey concern with refurbish as e better for give e new life dan for recycle. Dis di help for fight digital divide as we repair and sell for cheap price", de Fautereau explain.

Image example For de past six years, de company don learn say de quantity weh deh get now small and they want reach 2500 tons per year.

Government delegates for Yaoundé and Douala, Ministry for Environment plus oda partner don join hand for build project wey dem call Waste from Electronic and Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Cameroon.

For dis project deh go build another plant for Douala for recycle and refurbish and employ pipo for collect electronic waste. Deh wan put big sustainable electronic recycling activity weh some oda country dem fit copy.

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