South Africa police say dem don kill seven pipo wey kill policemen

S Africa Police

Wia dis foto come from, MARCO LONGARI

Police for South Africa say seven pipo wey dem accuse say dia hand dey for di killing of policemen dis week, don die for shoot-shoot inside church.

Many people bin vex scatter afta di attack on Wednesday for one police station for Eastern Cape wey kill five officers and di government bin don swear say dem go find dose wey do am.

Police say dem corner di gang members dem wey carry gun for one local church and afta di shoot-shoot with one ogbonge police department wey dem call Hawks, dem kill seven men come arrest ten others.

According to di police, dem dey suspect all of dem say na dem dey behind Wednesday killing of five policemen and one soldier for Ngcobo for Eastern Cape.

South Africa government tori pipo say other pipo bin dey inside di church di time wey di shooting happen, including many small pickin dem.