Benue Killing: Police deny tori say dem comot special task force

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Security na problem for Benue State because of di Fulani herdsmen attack.

Di Benue State Police command for Nigeria don deny report say e don withdraw im task force from di north central state, where attacks by suspected herdsmen don kill at least 73 people.

Di police commissioner, Fatai Owoseni say wetin di local media write for Internet "dey irresponsible."

Na after di January 1 attack for Benue State wey dozens of people die, na im di presidency come ask di police oga to pack im load go Benue.

Although im no pack go there, e set up police mobile force wey go help deal handle di matter.

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But tori comot for weekend say police don dey move di task force comot for di state.

Owoseni say di report na lie and dem dey ground to make sure say dem secure di area and build confidence for di community.

E come add say so far, attacks don reduce for di last two weeks.

Meanwhile, di special adviser to Governor Ortom on top security matter, say di state never get any notification say police dey relocate dia task force.

E explain give say wen im call di commissioner of police for di state, e tell am say di task force be mobile force and dem di move dem from one place to anoda.

But dat one no mean say dem dey pull dem out.