UK Weather: 'I go rather stay di cold than return to Nigeria'

  • Helen Oyibo
  • BBC News Pidgin
Beach for Liverpool wey snow cover

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di cold weather dey blow come UK from Russia

Tunde Akinola na from Nigeria but for di last four years now, UK na where im dey call im home.

Im join plenty other people for UK wey dey experience di better cold weather wey dey hama di area now.

"UK dey cold all di time even for summer when weather suppose dey hot, but dis year dey different.

"Cold never catch me reach like dis since I come London," im tell BBC tori person Helen Oyibo.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Some place for UK on Tuesday experience temperature wey low reach -3 degrees

Tori be say dis na di coldest week for February wey go nack Britain for five years and di breeze dey land from Russia.

Although dis no be di first time for history wey dem go see dis kain cold, sabi people for UK still dey draw ear give people make dem dey on di alert.

Some schools don close, di weather even affect train and movement too.

According to join body wey dey observe di way people dey move from dia country go another country, Di Migration Observatory, Nigeria na one of di top ten countries wey im people dey move go UK.

Wia dis foto come from, Tunde Akinola

Wetin we call dis foto,

Tunde say when di snow fall finish di breeze go come start e own, di breeze na di main cold.

So, for people like Tunde wey come from country wey no dey experience dat kain cold weather, how dem see di whole thing?

"How I dey take cope? Na to deck up naa. No be big deal, things dey to keep you warm here and dia."

"Na only when I dey use public transport dey go work I dey feel am. My office near Westminster Parliament so to drive go dia no join."

"When e dey cold sha you no dey fit do plenty things wey you go like do na only work and important place dem."

Tunde get advice for people wey go like come UK from countries wey dey warm for di first time."Dis no be di best time oh. E dey freeeze for here."

When we ask am if im go prefer to come back Nigeria come enjoy di warm weather for here na quick quick im answer us;

"I go rather stay inside dis cold ooo lol."