Dapchi Girls: Kidnap of schoolgirls don put kwesion mark for Safe Schools Initiative

students of Dapchi secondary school sidon for ground inside hall Image copyright Alkasim Bala
Image example Students of Dapchi after di militants attack dia school

Afta dem kidnap more than 200 girl pickin dem for Chibok, Borno State for April 2014, di den president of Nigeria Dr. Goodluck Jonathan decide to rebuild and make normal life return to di north-eastern region of di country especially Yobe State, wey don see pepper for Boko Haram attacks since 2009.

Na so government collabo with UN Special Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown and one join bodi of Nigerian Business leaders to launch di Safe Schools Initiative (SSI) during di World Economic Forum on Africa wey happen for Abuja on May 2014.

With small-small contribute money wey from di federal government and di oda join bodi, di Safe Schools Initiative suppose protect schools from a repeat of Chibok girls kidnap wey happen for April 2014 but e be like say di 110 Dapchi girl pickin dem wey dey miss since on Monday 19 February show say di Initiative get question mark.

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Image example Dr Goodluck Jonathan lose election to President Muhammadu Buhari for 2015

Wetin Safe Schools Initiative suppose do

Di initiative plan na to improve di protection and safety of students, family members and teachers. E suppose focus on:

• To rebuild security infrastructure for schools and to establish community style of security

• E suppose transfer students from places wey get high risk areas to safe schools

• E suppose provide education for internally displaced persons for camps and communities.

Di initiative bin launch with $10 million fund to promote schools as safe places and e start with 500 schools for northern states.

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Image example UN Special Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown be part of those wey launch di Safe Schools Initiative

Di Safe Schools Initiative work?

Shuibu Idris wey sabi money mata tell BBC News Pidgin say as e be so e hard wella to tell how much government and di oda organizations donate put for di Safe Schools Initiative because from tori according to Nigeria Economic Summit group, Financial Derivatives Company and di Economic Intelligence Unit for government, e be like say na chickini money wey no reach $2m na im di contribution be for each year budget to take make di schools.

"But we need to dey careful, because dis informate fit no be di exact amount wey government and di donor people put for dis project. Dem fit write one or two million for book but e fit be say e pass ten million wey don come out wey no dey book, so e hard to find inofrmate wey concern dis mata", na wetin Idris talk.

Im say "but wen we dey talk about infomate from 2014 wen dem launch dis Initiative, and we dey 2018 right now, wey be say four years don waka since dem begin work for dis mata, I for like to see plenty things wey don change."

"Di thing be say dis Safe Schools Initiative fail because nothing dey to show for ground, unlike di way government handle di Niger Delta, no correct civil service office rule or pattern dey for dis situation. Even di Presidential Initiative for North East no even get Executive Secretary, so no see result," na wetin Shuibu Idris wey be di Managing Consultant for Timeline consult yan.

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Image example Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari don beg Nigerians say make dem sorry say di Dapchi palava happen under im watch

Safe Schools Initiative Fail?

"Na wen something exist you go even talk say e fail or not, but dis Safe Schools Initiative no ever work from di begining", na wetin Captain Umaru Aliyu wey don retire as soldier tell BBC News Pidgin tori person Daniel Semeniworima.

"In fact dis Initiative no ever exist until Boko Haram go kidnap dis girl pickin dem for Dapchi.

"Wetin don happen for Dapchi na wetin we suppose avoid, wey Safe Schools suppose learn lesson from Chibok, make sure say enough security dey for dose school....e dey clear now say Boko Haram dey target schools where school girl pikin dem plenty but nothing dey on ground to show say any policy to protect di schools bin dey exist.

"I no even suppose hear di governor and army dey blame each oda oh say no you leave, no we no leave...but I go advice people to become dia own security first...wetin we dey see now na people wey no know wetin to ask for and government wey no know wetin dem dey do and di Boko Haram bad guys just take advantage of di situation." Na how Captain Aliyu talk for di mata.

Image copyright UNDP
Image example Na di 2015 spend wey UNDP put inside di Safe School Initiative
Image copyright UNDP
Image example Na di 2016 spend wey UNDP put inside di Safe School Initiative

Meanwhile Nigerian Army don give reason why dem remove soldiers from Dapchi, wia di attack happen.

Dem say na because dem think say e dey safe enough for police to protect di town.

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