How Dapchi kidnap take resemble 'Chibok Girls'

empty classroom for Dapchi school Yobe north east Nigeria Image copyright Reuters
Image example Na later government gree say true-true di girls dey miss

So far, wetin we know na say some militants wey fit be Boko Haram enter Dapchi town on 19 February.

Dem enter Government Girls Science and Technical College before dem leave town.

Di first tori be say di girls enter bush hide and dem no kidnap anybody. Plenty come confusion follow di kidnap of more than 100 school girls for Dapchi, Yobe state north east Nigeria.

Why we no know wetin happen?

All di confusion begin with teacher wey first talk to tori people after di attack.

Im say na food di militants come find no be kidnap, and di girls run enter bush hide.

More confusion enter mata as government begin talk from two sides of dia mouth.

How many girls dem carry?

Government and parents never fit agree on top of how many of di students dey miss.

Last-last, parents gather demsef for group produce name of 105 girls wey dey miss, but now government say na 110.

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Image example From beginning, people wey dey power say, dem no see 40 girls because dem enter bush but dem go soon show

Wetin connect dis mata with Chibok kidnap?

BBC World Service Editor Will Ross, mention some things wey common for di two.

When Chibok girls happen, government first deny am.

Dem sidon dey look until Boko Haram carry 270 girls enter bush build camp.

Four years after, di same thing dey happen with Dapchi girls.

Meanwhile dem never fit rescue more than 100 Chibok girls.

Why security no dey di school?

Even with di kidnap of Chibok girls for 2014, Dapchi school no get security guard.

Parents still carry dia pickin go dia.

BBC Abuja reporter Chris Ewokor say, people bin trust President Muhammadu Buhari when im say e don win Boko Haram.

Yobe State governor Ibrahim Gaidam, tell tori people say, na after army leave checkpoint near Dapchi na im di militants strike.

Army say, na lie.

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Image example Dis na some student dia box inside girls hostel

Why dem no fit find di girls?

E reach one week before government begin dey look for for di girls.

Buhari say im go do everything for im power to find di girls but im no give any detail.

Local newspaper Daily Trust report say, di militants carry half of di girls enter Niger.

But, if dem still dey Nigeria, our reporter believe say dem enter Boko Haram headquarter for Sambisa Forest because dat na di only place dem go fit hide wella.

Na true say Nigeria government win Boko Haram?

Major General Roger Nicholas, wey dey in charge of army operation for north east say dem don "completely" defeat di group.

But dis Dapchi kidnap show say no be so.

BBC Africa security correspondent Tomi Oladipo don first observe say, di kind money wey dem dey spend to buy new equipment to fight dis militants prove say, journey to win dis war still far.

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