Cameroon main opposition leader don open road for dialogue with Biya

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Chairman of main opposition party, Social Democratic Front party for Cameroon, Ni John Fru Ndi di worry about de situation for Northwest and Southwest regions sotey e don write for President Biya for tell e say e good for start dialogue.

"Make we face reality for our history and correct mistake dem for get long lasting solution," Ni John Fru Ndi write for President Biya.

Chairman say e check say as e 'backyard' bi burn, President Biya for don call e make dey tok but e decide for make de move for safe de kontri.

"De reports dem from President Biya e officials and administrator dem bi fit dey wrong and some of dem di use de situation for make money," im talk.

Fru Ndi regret say when de crisis start dey bi fit solve'am but de thing take different gear.

"De situation weh e di only go worse for Anglophone region make me ah di draw your mind say if you patch whole for your dress quick you go stop nine odas".

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Image example Military heavy for di Anglophone regions of Cameroon

Fru Ndi condemn killings dem from military and kontri pipo weh e say condition push dem for react. "Military response from de beginning for de crisis no be bi correct repose and e for correct for change strategy", Fru Ndi tok.

SDF chairman describe weti wey e di pass for de two region dem, how army di raze villages, kill, rape women and di force money from pipo, target young pipo and na so pipo di die.

E regret say any positive action no fit dey if deh work for dis kain condition, say frank dialogue no be sign for weakness, but chance for start again and for work for regain de true united Cameroon.

As e mimba taim dem weh President Biya don forgive even pipo weh dey bi wan kill e for coup d'etat, e say make e try forgive make dem give chance for dialogue for interest of de kontri and legacy weh dia forefathers leave.

"Release de pipo weh deh arrest from de start of de crisis for facilitate dialogue and beta reconciliation" Fru tell Biya.

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