Ghana: Women dey bleach babies for womb plus cosmetic pills

Beautician wey dey rub bleaching cream

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis beautician for Nairobi, Kenya dey show how to rub skin-lightening cream, on March 18, 2015. Skin-lightening treatments dey popular for Africa, Asia and di Middle East since di 1930s.

Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) for Ghana dey warn women against to dey swallow cosmetic pills during pregnancy so dat dem go fit lighten unborn babies demma skin for di womb inside.

Di Head of Cosmetic den Household Chemical Department for FDA, Emmanuel Nkrumah, describe dis development den use of Glutathione pills as dangerous.

"E be dangerous wey we want make di general public to know say FDA no approve any product product like tablet or pill which go fit lighten di skin of unborn child."

Medical experts say these drugs fit cause birth defects like physical damage to limbs den damage to internal organs like di liver den kidney of new-borns.

Na still FDA gather information from demma market surveillance which reveal say di practise be popular among both educated den uneducated Ghanaian women.

Sake of di growing demand for babies with light skin, tori be say people dey smuggle di pills inside luggage for airport into di country.

Authorities dey warn say dem dey work plus Ghana Police Service den other security agencies make dem arrest den prosecute companies or individuals wey dem go catch plus dis illegal pills.