Cameroon: FIFA di extend football committee yi mandate

Veron Mosengo Omba from FIFA
Wetin we call dis foto,

Veron Mosengo Omba na im give Cameroon Football Federation di carry go to continue dem waka

FIFA don extend mandate for Normalisation Committee weh e run thing dem for Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot) for anoda six months.

Na Veron Mosengo Omba, weh be di Fifa Director of Africa and Caribbean Associations announce di tori.

"Everything dey ready. De statutes weh we bi don check'am, but we di extend na for seka say Cameroon government be suppose for modify de sport law and dey go do'am for next parliamentary session for March," Mr Omba tok for media.

Dis wan no bi only for Cameroon weh normalisation Committee dey; for Kuwait e don reach two years weh we di renew dia mandate, na weti di Fifa Director add put.

Cameroon be wan modify dia 2011 sports law and dia Sports Minister confirm say dey go put de law for modification next month, during session for parliament.

Dia mission be bi for correct de rewrite statutes, weh anoda normalisation committee bi write and conduct election for put new president.

Fifa be announce normalisation committee for Cameroon football for 23 August 2017, and appoint and install de member dem for 8 September di same year.