Lagos Theatre Festival: Drama for place you no expect

Lagos Theatre

Di 2018 Lagos Theatre Festival don open. Dis festival wey dey five years don dey among di top 20 festivals for di world and na 110 shows for comedy, drama, dance, spoken word, cabaret and plenty variety shows go shele.

Ojoma Ochai wey be di Head of Arts West Africa for British Council tell BBC News Pidgin say shows from Ghana, USA and UK go hala with di ones from Nigeria. She come add say di festival don dey change from British Council project to Nigerian organization with ogbonge pipo like Supo Shasore wey be di chairman of di board of trustees with Joke Silva, Bolanle Austen-Peters, David Evans and Tosin Oshinowo.

Ochai say e get some kain shows wey go allow performers to show dia work for new places wey no go restrict dia style but go show dia creativity.

Festival director Kenneth Uphopho say dem see say art dey everywhere and so person fit do drama for anywhere wey be say e no go too cost and people go really appreciate am. Im say na im make dis year theme na: 'Theatre for Unconventional Places', and dem get children centre wey go allow family to enjoy di shows together.

Topics Wey Dem Resemble

Another thing we de for inside dis tori