Sierra Leone Election: Di group wey dey use music tell opposite of politicians talk

  • Faith Oshoko
  • BBC Pidgin
Dem dey take photo

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dem start Artist For Peace for 2007 after Sierra Leone Civil War

Sierra Leone dey election mood wey go hold for 7 March 2018.

As with elections for most places for di world, plenty people blood don dey hot.

Na so Artists for Peace Sierra Leone enter di mata with gbedu so people no go dey fight demself on top politics.

Some of di artist dem wey do di campaign na Fantacee Wiz Kamara, Wahid A Dumbuya, CeeJay Mark, Philki Kamara, Mtwo Dladiesdoctor, Peepuls Pee Peepuls and plenty others.

Aruna Wahid Dumbuya wey be dia talk-talk person tell BBC News Pidgin tori person Faith Oshoko say "wetin we do na to tell dem opposite of wetin politicians go tell dem."

"Di message wey we dey give people dey simple. Na make dem dey choose Sierra Leone pass any other thing."

Wia dis foto come from, Artists For Peace - Sierra Leone

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dem dey target young people to dey warn dem make dem no use figt solve mata

Dem bin start for 2007 during election period when e be like say boys wan start dey fight for political parties wey dem like.

Dem hold wetin dem call "Peace Tours" go round di country to tell youths make dem cool temper.

Im talk say di reaction wey dey come from those concerts na say, "e come right on time".

Im talk say na di belief wey Sierra Leoneans get for dem na im make dem fit carry dia message around.

For 2013, Artists for Peace collect merit award from Executive Representative of di Secretary General for United Nations on top how dem help maintain peace for di country for di 2012 elections.

Sierra Leone bin get civil war till 2002 and Dumbuya talk say dem no want make dat kain thing happen again.

Apart from election period wey dem don do peace tours for three times, Dumbuya talk say dem dey also add mouth put di Ebola mata make people know wetin dey happen and for women and children health join.