'My neighbour rape my 16-month-old pickin'

  • Karina Igonikon
  • Reporter, BBC News Pidgin
Wetin we call dis Video,

'Dem rape my 16-month-old pickin'

"Now I feel like Nigerian; our judiciary dey work." Dis na how one mama of one pickin wey dem rape at 16 month describe wetin e be like to get justice.

She tell BBC News Pidgin for Lagos State say even though di case take many years, she happy as dem don get judgment wey court deliver for January dis year.

Justice Sedoten Ogunsanya sentence di man wey rape di woman daughter to 25 years for prison.

She say na for November 2013 wey e happen for wia dem been dey live for Lagos State. Dat time her daughter na 16 months old and dem bin dey stay with di man wey rape her daughter for im house because dem bin get house problem.

Dat morning, after she don baff and dress di pickin, she give di pickin to di man say, "help me look after am make I go baff." Na dia di case start.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Authorities say with di special court for sexual offences, justice go dey come quicker for victims

Dem fight di case because di man, wey dey 44 years deny say im no do am; e pass five years before di judgement come out for dis year January.

She say her baby sick because of everything wey happen and she sef suffer emotional trauma.

But with dis judgement, belle sweet her as now, she know say judiciary no dey corrupt. She add say make oda state government too do like Lagos, to start special court for dis kain rape cases.

Di Coordinator for Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team wey be Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi say: "wen person rape another person, no be just dat person dem rape; dem don rape government too. So, government need to get justice for di matter."

Mrs Vivour-Adeniyi say even though e be like say e dey tay before dem get justice, make dem dey confident, do everything dem suppose do on time like medical test to confam say wetin happen, really happen.