Cameroon Prime Minister don cancel first class travel for officials

Philemon Yang Cameroon Prime Minister

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Philemon Yang don give di order say make officials dey use business class

Cameroon Prime Minister, don write for top government officials say make deh di take approval and travel for business class for official mission.

"President (Paul) Biya don get plenty complain weh deh concern mission dem for administrators, board chairmen, directors and assistant directors, for public enterprises", na weti Prime Minister Philemon Yang write.

Mr Yang say some of de mission dem weh no get approval, no get gain for de public enterprises dem weh dey di suffer for get money, and no di fit provide de public service weh population need from dem.

"De mission dem di cause damage for de budget of de enterprises," e add put.

For regulate de mission dem, Mr Yang say all top government official go travel from now own for business class.

De circular say for approve mission dem for services weh dey under presidency, request get for pass through board chairman to minister and secretary general for presidency.

For de oda mission dem weh deh no dey under presidency, request get for pass for board chairman, for minister and to prime minister.

Mr Yang say make de top officials dem choose straight flights dem and de wan dem weh dey no cost when dey wan travel.