Ebony mortuary video: Father want sue hospital after mortuary man take video of in dead body

Ebony Reigns

Wia dis foto come from, Ebony Reigns/Facebook

Wetin we call dis foto,

Late Ebony Reigns

Family of late Ebony Reigns bore brutal after one attendant video in remains for mortuary which leak for social media top.

Di viral video dey show di mortuary attendant dey touch Ebony Reigns in lifeless body plus deep cut wey dey in head top which she get for di accident.

In friend, Franky Kuri who die plus am too dey inside di video as di mortuary man dey hold in head dey show face which dey badly injured.

Two videos of the same scene dey in circulation, some reports dey claim say he fondle ebony in breasts. But evidence wey BBC Pidgin check so far no dey fit confirm say he fondle di late dancehall artiste.

But people bore chakaa sake of dem no dey get why di attendant go disrespect di dead like dat.

E no clear which mortuary dis thing happen for sake of dem carry di dead bodies go Mankraso Government hospital first when di accident happen.

Late Ebony Reigns in father, Nana Opoku Kwarteng bore after he hear of di incident, he reveal say he go sue di hospital den all di people wey video in late daughter in remains.