Investigation say President Biya don spend FCFA 90 billion on trips since 1982

Paul Biya and im wife

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Presidency say Biya na man weh di look to make kontri di waka fine for inside peace

President Biya e travel and stay for abroad na de tori weh e di pass for laik hot cake for Cameroon.

Some journalists group, 'Organised crime and corruption reporting project' for dia investigation tok say President Biya di spend plenty taim and money when e di go abroad.

De group say since weh President Biya climb for chair for 1982, e don chop FCFA 90 billion money weh poor man pay tax with'am for e visit abroad.

Say if deh join de taim weh e stay abroad e go reach laik four years for yi 35 years for power and say if deh add official journey e go bi say e spend five years outside de kontri.

De journalist dem for dia report say dey read document dem laik de national newspaper, but de national newspaper don condemn de report say na campaign for make president Biya look bad.

Assistant Director for Presidency, Joseph Le weh na Director for national newspaper, don write wan letter say na bad belleh pipo weh wan spoil president e name.

E say President Biya na man weh e di do yi work for any place weh e dey and e di look to make kontri di waka fine for inside peace.

Dis topic na big tori for Cameroon, national radio and national newspaper get big headline weh e tok say na campaign against head of state.