Cameroon: Fire nearly finish main opposition party leader e house

Ni John Ndi

Wia dis foto come from, ISSOUF SANOGO

Part of de house for kitchen side for main opposition party, Social Democratic Front, SDF Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi don bi catch fire last night.

Chairman Fru Ndi tell BBC News Pidgin say e bi di sleep when e pikin dem kam bang de door say fire don catch for house.

"As ah go outside we try for quench de fire with sand because as petrol bi di smell everywhere, water di bring de fire back."

"Part of de kitchen, de store and place weh we di cook for outside don burn but no other damage dey." Fru Ndi tok.

De cause for de fire no dey clear but dey di suspect say na pro-independence group go dey behind de fire.

"As de pro-independence group threaten me say de go burn Presbyterian Church Centre if I hold convention for there, and ah finally hold de convention for Bamenda Congress Hall a fit say na dem.

"I don tok say ah no di take order from pro-independence group, make dey continue".

Before SDF hold convention for Bamenda, de pro-independence force bi threaten yi say dey no wan catch de convention.

But chairman bi tell BBC News Pidgin say e no di take order from pro-independence group and say e too na fighter.

For seka de threats dem, SDF finally shift convention from Presbyterian Church Centre go Bamenda Congress Hall.