Dear Akufo-Addo, see three languages you fit use talk to market women

Market for Ghana

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Twi na di major language dem dey use sell market for Ghana

President Nana Akufo-Addo fit talk well-well, most of di time people dey like as e dey take tackle mata with im mouth.

But market women don comot to tell am say make e come down with di big big English as dem no dey hear am well-well.

One person talk say e dey difficult to understand am and dem no know where di economy of di country dey go.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Market women talk say im English too much

But from where di President get im big English?

Although im read Economics for University of Ghana but even before dat time, e enter di United Kingdom to write im O and A Levels Examination.

E bin enter Oxford for di 1962/63 session but im no continue.

Im follow go back after im degree for Ghana to enter di Inner Temple for England from where person fit get call to bar without say im get law degree. Im collect im English call to bar for July 1971 and im Ghana own four years after.

Im don spend a lot of time with ogas from different countries as Minister of Foreign Affairs for Ghana from 2003 go 2007.

E bin also work for Paris for five years wey also make am sabi French.

But market women don start to dey vex for di president. So, e go good if im fit use dis languages.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Chiefs for Ashanti region

Languages for Ghana wey common wella


Twi na very major language for Ghana sotay person call am say na di unofficial official language for Ghana.

Dis na as Twi na regular language for market for Ghana. Since plenty people no sabi English for market place.

And na dis people like farmers, fishermen and market women dey move market for di country.


For Ghana, growing population of di Hausa ethnic group dey for Kumasi inside Ghana.

E dey popular sotay for media na di language dem dey take represent Northern region.


Ga na one of di government sponsored languages wey dem dey speak well-well for di Greater Accra Region.

E better for market too like Twi so e go be good language make e try speak.

Even for media too na di language wey dem dey use represent.

Pidgin English

Or e fit try pidgin, as e don tweet for di language before give dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale for im birthday.

One sure way to learn pidgin well na to dey read im news for BBC News Pidgin. Dat go really help am.