Ben Enwonwu: Di real 'Tutu' no know say her market go fit reach £1 million

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Ben Enwonwu: Di real 'Tutu' no know say her market go fit reach £1 million

Wednesday 28 February 2018 don become special day for di history of Nigeria, as di first Nigerian painting don sell for £1.2mn.

'Tutu' na di name of di painting wey Igbo artist Ben Enwonwu do for 1973 wey don become hotcake all over di world.

International auction house, Bonhams, for United Kingdom, na im dey in charge of di sale wey dem do for London, but dem also do live broadcast of di sale for Lagos, so dat Nigerians fit get chance to try dia luck.

But one person wey her leg no touch di ground for di Lagos side of di auction na di real Tutu herself.

Image example Princess Ronke Ademiluyi na di niece of Tutu

Where di real 'Tutu' dey?

Princess Ronke Ademiluyi, wey be di niece of Tutu, show for di sale of di artwork and she say her auntie dey alive, she don marry and na different kain people don dey find her tey-tey for world.

Tori be say Tutu fit dey Lagos, but na very traditional woman wey her age don pass 60 years.

Princess Ronke tell BBC News Pidgin say: "as things dey Tutu never shine eye, she no understand di kain level wey dis painting don carry her name enter all over di world...she no understand all di noise e dey generate."

Princess Ronke add say, '"When we go dormot, we go tell auntie say dis her painting don sell for £1 million, maybe na then e go enter her bodi wetin we don dey try tell her."

Image example Bonhams worker dey pose with di painting for London

Dis money na record for Nigerian art

Na for Ikoyi, Lagos, na im dozens of Nigerians including tori people gather to watch di live broadcast as di price of 'Tutu' begin waka from £150,000, climb to £500,000, then enter gear 4 reach £800,000...

By di time 'Tutu' reach di final price of £1 million, di people for Lagos no send di gentle people for London, as dem scatter, begin tear clap and shout.

Na like say Nigeria don win 2018 World Cup for Russia with di way di venue for Lagos just dey jolly.

Image example Oliver Enwonwu na artist and son of di late Ben Enwonwu

Oliver Enwonwu, 42, wey be di son of di late artist Ben Enwonwu, dey for di crowd wey watch di thing happen live for Lagos and im talk say na thing of 'pride' for am.

"Nigeria art don arrive, we still get small things to do wey go make am better but we don arrive," na wetin Oliver Enwonwu talk.

Oliver Enwonwu tell BBC News Pidgin say: "for my papa, no be about money, na di work im like pass because na original artist and if im dey alive today, im go happy say people dey appreciate im work for world."

Oliver Enwownu na artist like im papa, and di current president of di Society of Nigerian artists.

Im feel say time don reach make government dey support Nigerian artists because no be only crude oil fit help di country economy grow.

Image example African art for di Lagos venue of di sale

As things dey, na di owner of di painting (wey nobody know im name) and Bonhams dem go make money for dis sale, but Princess Ronke dey hope say small money go enter di pocket of di Enwonwu and Ademiluyi family.

Yoruba princess for Ile-Ife Tutu a.k.a Princess Adetutu Ademiluyi go dey around 14-17 years when by chance she jam di 56-year-old big-time artist Enwonwu for Ife, for 1973.

Enwonwu, bin do three 'Tutu' paintings during 1973-74 but after im die for 1994, plenty of im artwork come miss.

Before dem find dis particular one for one North London flat, people don believe say all di three don lost.

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