Nigerian don make local tractor to help poor farmers

Image example Dis farmer deycarry im load for head after harvest

Rabiu Muazu dey from Katsina State North West Nigeria. E bin leave im home town enter Abuja to look for better life.

Unlike odas, im dey lucky, come find land near di National Mosque where im dey plant banana.

E don dey do dis work for 15 years now, but di money wey im dey get na just to feed im family.

E say why dis one be like that na because dem no get modern equipment to expand dia farm - dem still dey use hoe and cutlass, and no fertiliser to make dia harvest boku-boku.

Image example Rabiu dey sweat after e use local tools take do im farm work

Ebube Emmanuel wey be sabi person for Agriculture say wetin Rabiu dey face dey happen well-well to small farmers for plenty villages for Nigeria.

"Plenty of dem dey sweat, day and night, with old tools and dis one di affect how much dem di produce.

E come explain say out of di 71 million hectares wey dey for people to farm for Nigeria, na only half of am people dey use because to use hoe and cutlass dey tire bodi, and e dey stop young people to enter farm.

Image example Dis na di 'ijodo' tractor wey Terfa Adingi make for Nigerian farmers wey no too get money

Local tractor wey cheap pass don dey, to help farmers

Na because of dis palava wey farmers like Rabiu dey face na im make Terfa Adingi build Nigeria -made tractor wey im call Ijodo.

E say after im finish school for Ahmadu Bello University, e come go abroad go do product design.

But wetin make am do dis tractor na "di way small farmers di suffer to do farm work."

"My mama be farmer and di pain wey she go through as a child? I no like am. So after school, I decide say I go build tractor to make di process simple for oda farmers for di country," na wetin im add.

Mr Adingi say im believe say with dis local technology, young people go now happy to start to do farm work as dia handwork.

E dey beg government to partner with am so dat dem go make di tractor available for more poor farmers for village.

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