'Nigerian sun don change my life forever'

  • Ogechi Obidiebube
  • BBC News Pidgin, Lagos
Amaka Obiosio

Wia dis foto come from, Amaka obiosio/instagram

Wetin we call dis foto,

Amaka Obioso dey suffer from Lupus, wey dey affect immune system for inside bodi.

Di life of Amaka Obiosio no go ever remain di same after wetin too much sun for Nigeria do her; she dey struggle with Lupus but no be so her mama and papa born her.

Everything bin dey okay with Amaka until she move from Lagos go Nigeria capital city wey be Abuja, where she bin dey do her university education.

Di sun wey dey shine for Abuja dey reach almost 40 degrees sometimes but Amaka no see am as anything so she no reason say she suppose dey check how she dey enter sun.

Before she know wetin dey happen, serious sickness catch her, and after plenty tests for hospital, doctors find out say na Lupus dey worry her.

Lupus na autoimmune disease wey dey make di immune system for person bodi begin attack im own tissues and organs.

E dey hard to know wetin dey cause Lupus but na mostly African and Caribbean women e dey worry. Doctors tell Amaka say e fit be di harsh weather for Abuja and di change of environment na im cause di sickness for her bodi.

Di condition don affect Amaka life sotay she no dey gree near sun again.

She say she no go ever forget di day wey she bin don dey inside sun for long and her bodi begin weak and di next thing, she just faint.

Di thing wey she go miss pass about her life before Lupus na how she dey go jolli for beach well-well but now, na only when sun don go down she fit go play for beach.

No be everybodi sabi dis Lupus condition, but many people fit dey use dia skin play as dem dey enter sun too much.

Sun fit spoil black skin?

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Too much sun fit burn person skin, then cause hyper pigmentation join.

Sun wey dey shine well-well dey sweet, as your foto go make sense, Vitamin D go dey enter your bodi and poto-poto no go dey road. But as sun dey sweet, e dey come with im own palava.

Many Africans feel say because melanin dey dia skin, dem fit dey inside sun for hours and nothing go do dem. Some dey reason say na only white people suppose dey run from sun, as dem no get melanin for dia skin.

Melanin na di pigment wey dey inside black people skin wey dey protect dem from sun damage.

Nigerian skincare professional Olamide Adeosun wey be di founder of Lamy Skincare no gree with dis kain talk at all.

She say: "for person to even think say sun dey select skin wey e dey spoil, no just make sense at all."

Even though everybodi need sun to touch dia bodi because of di Vitamin D from sun, too much of am no good.

Sun minus sunscreen, wetin go happen?

If person do strong head say sun no fit worry black skin, come tey well-well inside sun, plenty skin wahala fit begin worry di person.

Ms Adeosun say some skin wahala wey people dey carry come her skin clinic for Lagos, Nigeria na:

  • Age spot
  • Hyper pigmentation
  • Sunburn
  • Different colour for person bodi ( when some parts wey sun dey touch well-well go black pass other areas)

Hope for people with skin wey sun don spoil

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Simple plants like aloe vera wey dey plenty people backyard na very good cure for skin wey sun don damage.

E no dey possible make sun no touch person bodi at all but Ms Adeosun dey warn make people make dey always rub sunscreen for dia bodi if dem know say dem go dey tey inside sun.

E get some things wey she advise say people fit use take comot sun damage for dia bodi and na simple things wey dey inside kitchen, like:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Aloe Vera
  • Honey