Nigeria: Senate wan death penalty for anybodi wey commit 'hate speech'

Nigeria National Assembly complex Image copyright Shiraz Chakera

For Nigeria, anybodi wey talk im hate speech wey go make anoda person lose im life, di penality suppose be death by hanging, according to new Bill wey Nigeria Senate dey hope to make law.

Talk-talk person for di upper chamber Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, from Niger state North West Nigeria na im sponsor di Bill - e say na because violent speech don too much for di kontri.

Dem also wan create Independent National Commission for Hate Speech wey go make sure say Hate speech laws for work well for different parts of Nigeria.

Inside di Bill, anybodi wey harass another person sake of im tribe abi religion go do "nothing less than five years for prison" or e go pay nothing less than "N10mn" as fine, or both.

Di Bill also say: "person wey use, publish, present, produce, play, provide, distribute, order any material" wey fit "threaten, abuse abi insult, or cause death," go face di law.

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