#WeAreNigerianCreatives: Why e dey trend for social media

#WeAreNigerianCreatives - @afrogodd Image copyright David Adamu
Image example David Adamu wey be @afrogodd for Twitter believe say dem fit create economy out of dia hastag

Nigeria no dey carry last and any chance to showcase dia talent, dem must show!

Different Nigerian artists, some be photographers, illustrators, don enter Twitter to share dia better-better hustle, with di hashtag #WeAreNigerianCreatives.

Di hashtag just be like wild fire and people for social media dey jollificate for di matter.

#WeAreNigeriaCreatives bin first start by one Nigerian artist Olaloye Bunmi wey give people rule and regulation on how to use am.

Na so artist dem dey share dia work with like four picture plus small tori about who dem be.

Di matter no just dey chook eye to artist wey dia hustle dey for Nigeria, but even di ones wey dey for abroad dey push am dey go.

BBC News Pidgin talk to some of di artists wey join body for di #WeAreNigerianCreatives hashtag.

"Some days bin pass wen Olaloye Bunmi start di hashtag, na im we think say make we push di movement. We dey grow di industry and all di support we get na we sef." Na wetin Yinfaowei Harrison talk.

Image copyright Yinfaowei Harrison
Image example Most of dem artist teach demsef how to draw

Just like Harrison, David Adamu talk say: 'I bin see some tweets on my timeline with di hashtag, as dem dey use am to promote and encourage Nigerian creatives make dem share dia work. Na im I come think say, make I post my artwork for Twitter, make I form connect with people wey fit use am to find inspiration from am.'

"I bin also wan make I rep where I come from for Nigeria, wey be Jos."

Im also talk say im feel like say social media na di new art gallery for young creatives because di world dey change - many young people get mobile phone.

"Traditional art gallery dey make dem dey showcase fine arts, and sometimes di wahala to put your work join get as e be because dem fit get partiality for people wey go school or get exposure." Na how Adamu dey talk onto say social media fit be di new art gallery for young creatives.

Social media dey very cheap to push person hustle and people go see and hala say dem like am. And for some of dis artist, dem feel say e dey reach plenty people pass.

Wetin be di reaction?

"My art dey show our culture and future, and e be like say many young people dey feel am. People don reach out to me from different countries and e dey create new opportunity for everybody. Wetin be di koko be say dis hashtag dey spread love and inspiration to plenty people." na so Adamu dey see am.

Even Harrison talk say di support just big!

"Many artist don get work and major exposure from dis hashtag."

But no be just visual artist dey run things with di hashtag, even writers and photographers join.

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