Libya migrant crisis: "I do prostitute work for Libya, I no go lie" - Returnee

IOM say na like 44,000 Nigeria people no get where to put head for Libya
Image example Na like 44,000 Nigeria people no get where to put head for Libya

Another set of 144 Nigeria people wey no get where to put head again for Libya return home Thursday.

Na around 10:30 pm Nigerian time na im dem land Murtala Mohammed International Airport, cargo section with charter plane wey International Organization for Migration (IOM) collabo with Nigerian government organize dis return for di migrants.

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"Police go arrest you, come sell you again"

"Dat place ehn na just death dey dia. Whether for desert you go die go, dis one dem go rape am, dis one dem go sell am times 2, times 3... Each of us now, nobodi carry money come house".

Dis na di story of Omaomi Timitope wey be one of di girls wey follow return from Libya Thursday night.

Omaomi before she travel to Libya for 2015, say she be hairdresser for Lagos and also dey do conductor work for BRT. She say dem tell her say work for nanny dey wait her for Europe, wey go pay well-well.

Image example Small pickin and tata reach 11 wey join di migrants land Lagos on Thursday night

"Dem invite me to come cross...I reach dia on 27 September 2017, but di person wey invite me cross I no fit cross because of di fight wey dey happen dia, na me come decide to deport my self because I see many many things wey I no fit talk...". Na wetin one woman wey get new born pickin tell BBC News Pidgin as dem land Lagos.

According to di National Emergency Management Agency wey be di Nigeria government office wey dey coordinate dis return of di people from Libya, out of di 144 people wey come back, 61 of dem be woman including eight wey get belle and 83 na men.

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"Na black people dey follow sell black people"

One official of di agency say by Friday 2 March 2018 government go send dem go di different states where dem come from.

Under di Europe Union, International Organization for Migration Joint Initiative for Migrant Protection and Reintegration inside Nigeria, dis people wey return go collect 100 Euros pocket money wey dem go take find dia head go reach house.

No be di first time dis kain waka dey happen, di last one bin happen for January for Port Harcourt when more than 400 Nigeria people return.

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